Claude Young @ Commandyoursoul Radio Show 05-04-2008

1 Claude Young Motion Logic
2 Octave One feat RNG Daystar Rise Again Tresor
3 Kevin Saunderson Bassline (Joris Voorn Mix) Planet e
4 Nubian Mindz Techno Love Delsin
5 DJ 3000 Dark Essence Motech
6 Octave One feat RNG Empower Tresor
7 Gary Martin Money Teknotika
8 Matt Chester Hunter 11th Hour
9 Shawn Rudiman Tube City Rockers Technoiraudio
10 Jeff Mills The other Day Axis
11 Jeff Mills Automatic Purpose Maker
12 Robert Hood Strobe Light Music Man
13 Deepchord and Mike Huckaby Sound of Thought Cache
14 Attias Aquilo Still Music
15 Kirk DeGirogio I do not exist B12
16 Octave One feat RNG Rock my Dub Tresor
17 Robert Hood Radio Active Music Man
18 Octave One feat RNG Headrush Tresor
19 DJ 3000,Gjeloshaj 1862(Santiago Salazar Mix) Motech
20 Mark Williams Pump me Ingoma
21 Dave Clark Wisdom to the Wise Reload
22 Ben Sims+Mark Broom+Sloin Emotion Ingoma
23 Robert Hood Needles Music Man
24 Shawn Rudiman Feel again Technoiraudio
25 Jeff Mills Alarms Purpose Maker
26 Octave One feat RNG the oddasee Tresor
27 Kevin Saunderson Pump the Move (Samuel l Session Mix) Planet e
28 Octave One feat RNG Mind's Reality Tresor
29 Mark Williams Little Kiss Ingoma
30 DJ 3000,Gjeloshaj 1862 Motech
31 Naughty and Tolis Lost point(Ian o Brian + Claude Young Mix) Ferrox ashID=FILE48001DC9DB682